The Significance and Purpose of Trademarks.

The Significance and Purpose of Trademarks.

What is a Trademark?

In simple words, a trademark is known to be a visual symbol or a unique sign which may include the words signature, name, device, labels, numerals or the combination of colours used on your goods or services to make it easy to differentiate your products from your competitor’s products. The Trademark Act of 1999 was introduced to protect the rights of trademark users.

It is important to register the company’s trademark as doing so will protect the name of the company and its reputation. Registering the trademark will also restrict others from using it for commercial gain.

How to select a good trademark:

For a good trademark, it is important to choose a word which is easy to pronounce, spell and remember. To make it different from others you can use different geographical names and designs to make it attractive or a common personal name or surname. You can try avoiding laudatory words.

The trademark includes any one of the below things or combination of the following:

  • Letter
  • words
  • Number
  • Phrase
  • Graphics
  • Logo
  • Sound Mark
  • Mix Colors

How a Trademark functions:

 A Trademark functions in the following ways:

  • It provides an identity to the goods/or services 
  • Gives an origin to the name.
  • Guarantees protection from being misused
  • Provides an opportunity to advertise the goods/services
  • Also creates an image for the goods/services.

Benefits of having a registered trademark:

Once a trademark is registered it provides various benefits to the user in respect to the goods and services. It is indicated by use of the symbol (R) and thereby helps to protect the authenticity of the product. A user of a trademark can seek relief of infringement from the appropriate courts in the country. It is a platform where the owner enjoys the exclusive rights to use the trademark.

Registering a trademark attracts more customers by introducing them with new products and provides exclusive rights for 10 years. If you have an idea which is unique you should definitely get it registered! Team Delfyle wishes you the very best of luck for your amazing journey ahead. In case of any further queries, feel free to get in touch with us at for a chat, absolutely free of cost!

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