Meet Team Delfyle!

Delfyle is an organisation with core focus on technology, diversity and sustainability. We have offices in six major Indian business hubs but have worked with teams in the most remote villages across the country. Wherever there’s business, there’s Delfyle.

Sudarshini Nath, Co-Founder and Head of Legal

Sudarshini drives the legal cell of Delfyle with tremendous passion and the vision of an India where legal assistance is accessible and affordable for one and all. She believes in simplifying law for businesses and individuals alike which shall eventually enable India dream of entrepreneurship without the worries of legal complexities.

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Sonam Singh, Co-Founder and Head of Operations

An Operations expert and Compliance enthusiast, Sonam believes in leading with a detail-oriented eye and undauntable enthusiasm. In her decade-long career in compliance, Sonam constantly felt the vacuum: something was always missing and professionals working in the domain were not true to their work. There are three things she wanted Delfyle to underline: ethics, security and ease of business. And she makes it a point to remind us about this…at every team meeting!
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Shayeree Chakraborty, Co-Founder and Head of Incubation

A serial entrepreneur and investor, Shayeree’s primary focus while building Delfyle was to list each and every problem encountered while building and scaling startups– and to ensure no entrepreneur has to face them ever again. Shayeree works closely with the Incubation Team at Delfyle that works on providing mentorship, fundraising advice and startup resources to budding businesses.
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Sagnik Ghosh, Co-Founder and Head of Finance