ISO: All you need to know.


International Organization for Standardization provides a base for setting International Standards covering every aspect of manufactured products, technology, food safety, agriculture and healthcare. It is composed of representatives from the various national standard organizations and has 164 countries as its members. It is an independent and non-governmental organization which facilitates world trade by providing customary standards among nations.

The main motive of ISO is to promote reliability, safety and quality in the creation of products and services. International Organization for Standardization serves a big advantage to businesses as it helps in increasing productivity by eliminating errors and waste and facilitates products from different markets which makes it easy to compare and choose the best. The ISO also safeguards the interest of the consumers by ensuring that certified products act as per their minimum standards set internationally.

Why go for International Organization for Standardization?

As is evident in the name, the fundamental principle of the Organization is to maintain standards of the organization.It acts to ensure quality and safety in both products and services in International Trade.

ISO guarantees consistency while ensuring that all the functions of the organization (management, administration, sales and documentation) are done according to the norms of the ISO. Every registration under ISO is done with separate rules and measures and is managed accordingly.

ISO maintains the standard of the business and helps to cut costs by its improvised systems and management. It works on reducing the environmental impacts as a company can access new markets and customers. For example, by establishing ISO 9001, it will ensure the quality and standard of the business and will provide safety with regards to products which will lead to the customers’ satisfaction and result in trust created by ISO standards. Due to this, more and more companies will automatically opt for ISO certification as it attracts customers due to the standard of goods they provide.

Businesses dealing with certain different activities are legally obliged to get an ISO authorization certificate. The ISO certificate boosts the credibility of your business and provides goodwill to your company. It is important to register your company and get an ISO certificate to secure your company’s future. The certification gives a legal verification as well as a quality check to the product or services. It also attracts customers as they trust your products or services.

Benefits of International Organization for Standardization Certification:

ISO certification is a certification which is provided under the MSME Goverrnment schemes. ISO certification has various benefits like high-quality products and efficient management connected to it.

Following are the benefits provided by International Organization for Standardization:

Reliable products with high integrity.
High recognition among the market and the customer as well.
International Organization for Standardization 9001 improves the consistency of the business by increasing the control of it.
High assurance of the quality.
Helps in pricing the product/services and thereby improves the revenue of the business.
Benefits the product with classic government labels.
Attracts more customers when they discover a product with a government tag.

What type of ISO certification is required by your Company:

ISO has been classified into different standards as per the nature of the business.

The following are the standards laid by ISO:

ISO 9001: It is the most popular standards of all , the motive of which is to provide high quality management.
ISO/IEC 27001: is mainly for security control business and provides informative security management systems.
ISO 14001: provides Environmental Management Systems.
ISO 31000: can be applied to any business activity for the purpose of risk management, also provides decision making at all levels.
ISO 50001: is for controlling and reducing an Organization’s energy consumption.
ISO 26000: is for the purpose of providing social responsibility to the companies working for the society.
ISO 22000: provides Food safety management system.
ISO 45001: sets standards for health and safety management for employees.
HACCP: stands for Hazard analysis and critical control points, which provides food safety.
ISO 13485: maintains the quality of business in medical devices.
CE certification: confirms the safety and protects the environment for the purpose of export of goods to European countries.
ROHS: sets restrictions on companies for use of hazardous substances in electronics.
WHO-GMP: stands for Good Manufacturing Practice which is mandatory for the international trade of pharmacy products.
FDA: stands for Food and Drugs Administration which ensures the protection of the public health and provides safety to the human and veterinary drugs, food supply or medical equipment and devices.

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